The 3 Best Honeymoon Trips Experiences in Africa

Sleeping under the stars in The Selous, Tanzania

Nothing is more special than falling asleep to the wild hum of the African bush; couple this with a honeymoon and you have yourself the most romantic adventure this world has to offer. Any experience in the African wilderness is sure to be wildly romantic, but I have compiled the very best honeymoon experiences across the continent which will kick off married life in style.
Safari camps come in many shapes and sizes, from solid brick structures, to the classic tented yet very spacious under canvas experience. One adventure which takes you back to the basics of safari magic, is a night sleeping out under the stars in your own private “fly camp”. A few safari lodges around the continent offer this experience, where you leave main camp one night with your own private chef and butler to spent the night sleeping under a thin mosquito net in the middle of the wilderness.

Sunset dinner on the Zambezi

stelly-travel-Sunset dinner on the Zambezi
From the beautiful Tongabezi Lodge, you can enjoy a candlelit dinner, not only in the secluded Zambian wilderness but also in the middle of the mighty Zambezi river… there is nothing quite like seeing the blood-red sunset shimmering across the Zambezi, and there is nothing quite like tucking into a delicious three-course moon and candlelit dinner – marry these two together and you have one of the most memorable and romantic evenings in safari Africa.

Hot-air balloon ride over the Masai Mara

Wake up at 4 am to the early morning stir of the African bush and venture off on an experience like no other. Time a hot-air-balloon ride well in between July and September and you may catch the epic Great Wildebeest Migration. There is surely no better way to appreciate the sheer enormity of the greatest show on earth than from a bird’s eye view. The thousands of galloping big grazers below are like flies in the distance.
After an hour of soaking up tiny elephants drinking, stampeding wildebeest, eagles soaring and the beautiful undulating Masai Mara landscape, you are greeted back down to safari reality with a glass of bubbly to round off the morning. Definitely, something to get up early for, and scenes which you will remember for years to come.