Woman walking naked in the streets of East London!

stelly-news-Woman walking naked in the streets of East London!
A woman was filmed walking naked in East London while Britain was buzzing in a heatwave in the summer.
The pedestrians seemed to have found an interesting way to calm down in the freezing weather as temperatures skyrocketed across the country.

The woman was only wearing shoes

The video shows her walking in an area wearing only shoes.
She seems to be shouting something to a man in civilian clothes walking in front of her, but what she says is not clear.
The ten-second clip was posted on Twitter yesterday with the caption: "Just east of London... I hate ending sometimes."

Since then, it has been viewed more than 150,000 times and valued by nearly 2,000 people. Some commentators have asked whether the woman simply needs to calm down in the summer heat.
One wrote: "Please note. This is not the dress code for tomorrow’s weather. Regards".
Another said: I get her man, it's too hot here.
And one wrote: sorry but it’s REALLY that hot. I don’t blame her.
The woman isn't the only person seeking creative ways to cool down during the heatwave.