The Minneapolis teacher wins 5 consecutive wins!

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Minneapolis teacher makes it 5 straight dominating wins on 'Jeopardy'
Sam Kavanaugh continues to dominate his opponents on "Jeopardy!", And won his fifth consecutive game on Tuesday to bring his total winnings to $ 156,202.
Kavanaugh, a resident of Carlton, Minn., who now teaches in Minneapolis, won the contest with $ 42,201 in Tuesday's contest. At some point in his series, presenter Alex Trebek asked Kavanaugh what the meaning of his main thesis was. The answer: Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl.

He will try to win six consecutive wins on Wednesday while trying to outwit a graduate student in Vancouver, BC, and a journalist in Arlington, Virginia. The episode is broadcast locally at 4:30 PM on most locations in Minnesota on NBC.

Kavanaugh is the son of two Duluth teachers and graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. On Wednesday, he used his growing Twitter platform to applaud his parents and promote "a fair chance" for everyone.
"Much of my success and happiness go back to my parents, two of the most courageous, curious and friendly people I know, and in their search for opportunities and family, they have all gone through oceans and cultures.

"I follow two stories about immigrants. My mother, who left her homeland for her sons, found love and support in her new home and gave her her heart and sweat back. And my father, whose ancestors escaped the famine & death and opportunity stability that we found in the United States.
"Sometimes they struggled, but they defeated, they noticed strangers in unfamiliar countries, but they made contact with the locals who didn't look and discovered that they were in fact very similar.

"As thousands of their students can testify, my parents have worked tirelessly to serve a greater truth: every person has an inalienable dignity and deserves a fair chance." Encouraging one's essential individuality promotes the excellence of this person, of our community in general, a curiosity that requires courage and desire to reach others. Diversity is our strength, and fear and cowardice are our greatest enemies. "