How Often Do You Need To Wash Your Dog?

How often do you need to wash your dog?
Even people make shower mistakes, so how do dog owners know how to properly clean the puppy? This is what a veterinarian says about the frequency of washing your dog and tips on doing it without stress.

Dogs who spend time indoors and outdoors need a bath every tow weeks

According to Mark D. Freeman, DVM, assistant professor at VA-MD Veterinary College, most dogs do not need to swim more than once a week. "If they live in a clean environment, they are sometimes smaller," says Dr. Freeman, that's part of the reason why the ASPCA thinks you can afford to bathe your dog as rarely as ever. It's more likely that Dogs who spend time indoors and outdoors need to swim every other week, as they are more likely to get dirty.

Dogs who live strictly outdoors do not need baths as often as you think

Babies staying outside can swim as rarely as once every other month during the hottest months of the year, says Dr. Freeman. "Although strictly outdoor dogs probably never need to be bathed, a bath is a great opportunity for a homeowner to handle every part of the dog's body, which can sometimes reveal health problems or concerns. For example, unevenness or ear infections," Freeman.

One of the 26 secrets that groomers will tell you is that you need to investigate how to maintain the coat of a particular dog breed. So how often should you wash your dog is a question his breed might be able to answer.

It is possible to give your dog an excessive bath

Too many good things are always bad, even when washing the puppy. According to Dr. Freeman, it is important to recognize that excessive bathing removes essential oils from the skin and coat and also results in dry, itchy skin and a dull, dry coat. In fact, this is one of the things your dog wants you to know. If you find it necessary to bathe your dog for more than two weeks a year, Dr. Freeman recommends using a moisturizing shampoo or moisturizing conditioner after bathing to replace the oils removed from the skin and coat.

Here are some tips on how to wash your dog

Remember to rinse all the soap off the dog's skin. If the soap dries on the skin, it can be irritating and cause inflammation, rashes, hair loss and other skin lesions, according to Dr. Freeman. Soap-free shampoos, like this one, help avoid this problem. Remember to rinse the puppy with warm water to reduce the itching caused by the bath. The use of shower hose or sprinklers is ideal. In addition, do not forget to wash your ears. Read our guide on how to clean dogs' ears.

Pet owners still believe that cats hate water, but dogs may not be so fond of water and baths. To make the bathroom more fun, use positive rewards such as treats, scrap favorite places and play with your favorite toys during bath time, Dr. Freeman suggests.